Dark Souls 3 Nude Mod (by Naked Truth Gaming)

This mod provides a fully featured nude body for female characters in Dark Souls 3 (PC)


Dark Souls 3 Nude Mod


1. Install iGP11 mod and copy the .dds files of the nude mod into the tex_override folder.

2. Install CheatEngine and download the cheat engine table by Phokz.

Steps 3 to 5 can be done as shown in this video:

3. Start the game by launching iGP11 in override mode (the Dark Souls 3 main menu should display that iGP11 is activated, if not: try restart).

4. To see the nude breasts you need to wear the Master’s Attire armor.

5. To activate the nude lower body switch to Windows (or whatever your OS is) while Dark Souls 3 is still running and your desired character is loaded in game. Start CheatEngine by running the general table submitted by Phokz. Click the „Activate“ checkbox below the settings in order to open another tree of options. Under „helpers“, select „last armor highlighted“. Switch back to DS3 ingame and select the loin cloth armor in the menu where you choose your armor. Switch to CheatEngine and you will see that the address of the last armor highlighted has changed. Now change it’s current value (7650) to 1050 and click the checkbox to make it invisible. Close CheatEngine (otherwise it will make other stuff invisible as well if you change a helmet or something). Switch to DS3 and click the loin cloth to wear it. It should turn invisible now and you should see the nude body texture. Full body nudity will remain for all female characters (incl. other hosts and phantoms) wearing master’s attire and loin cloth until you close the game.


  • You can find the „master’s attire“ armor by killing the „sword master“ who is wielding the Uchigatana next to Firelink Shrine.
  • To get the „loin cloth“ armor it is easiest to start as „deprived“ class. However, later in the game you can find it next to the Velka statue in the sewers of Undead settlement.
  • The sword master NPC may appear with white glowing legs while the mod is active

Is this safe to use online or will I be softbanned?:

If you follow my instructions you should be safe – multiple persons have tested this. Keep in mind though that there is never a 100% safety guarantee for the future because From Software might change the code someday to detect new things. Until today there are no reported cases of people getting banned by using iGP11 only. For CheatEninge changing the looks of items, weapons, armor etc. doesn’t touch your safe file and won’t get you banned appearently. DO NOT use CheatEngine for cheats! If you actually cheat (spawn items, change character attributes etc.) you WILL be banned within 1-2 weeks after going online with that character.


Mod developed by Seelenmann (Naked Truth Gaming).

Thanks to S17L for developing iGP11.

Thanks to Derok for discovering the invisible Master’s Attire trick.

Thanks to Phokz for creating the Dark Souls 3 CheatEngine table.

Thanks to CrimsonSamuraiX for discovering the loin cloth invisibility trick.